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August 9, 1939
"A New Radiotheater Event in LS2"
Translation by Dolane Larson

Eva radiotheaterMany and brilliant have been the "stars" that the theater has given up to broadcasting. Figures who have been successful on the stage because of the artistic quality of their work are in the vanguard of that activity which is so similar and yet so different: radiotheater.
And among those figures whose profile stands out more clearly every day is an actress who has known success from a very young age. She is Evita Duarte, whose magnificent interpretation of different roles has earned her a designation which defines her artistic trajectory: Evita Duarte, "the actress of the moment."
That is why Evita Duarte, thanks to her own personal effort and the exceptional talent of the cast which makes up her company, is enjoying the crystallization of her aspirations of success. Especially during the last few months, her work has transcended more and more; and because success is not a chance phenomena but is rather prepared by forces which are easily understood, it is only just to delineate once again the foundations upon which Evita Duarte's fame rests.
In the first place, it is worth noting the outstanding and selective criteria which guides "the actress of the moment" in the selection of her works. It would be difficult to find another actress who knows the possibilities of her art as well as she does. And that criteria, which dictates to Evita Duarte the preference which she feels for the magnificent historical works of a writer of the caliber of Héctor Pedro Blomberg, also helps her choose her cast.
At this time, Evita Duarte is even more successful than she was with "The Jasmines of the '80's," another valuable historical novel by Héctor Pedro Blomberg. We are referring to "The Roses of Caseros," a novel whose workmanship and dignified interpretation has honored the prestigious microphone of LS2 radio Prieto, a broadcasting company always known for the high quality of its radiotheater programs.
"Las Rosas de Caseros" is transmitted on Radio Prieto every day except Sunday from 5:30 to 6:00 P.M. at the time which "Federal Soap" has placed at the disposition of its most attractive and youthful star: Evita Duarte, "the actress of the moment."

The author, the protagonist, and the principal actors of "Las Rosas de Caseros" pose for SINTONIA on the Radio Prieto Studio. Accompanying Evita Duarte and Héctor Pedro Blomberg are Nicolás Taricano, Carmen Palau, Carmen Giménez, Francisco de Paula, Angel Tesitore, Fausto Padín, Marcos Zucker, Angélica Bidondo and Pascual Pelliciotta.

Nicolás Taricano and Carmen Giménez, two excellent actors of the Evita Duarte Company, who play the roles of "Alejandro Velarde" and Mamá Quina" in "Las Rosas de Caseros."

Looking at them, they are Evita Duarte, the star Francisco de Paula and the singer, Carlos Uares, from Evita Duarte's Company. Listening to them, Francisco de Paula is "Olegario Mendizábel" and Evita is "Adriana Pacheco," two members of the cast for Héctor Pedro Blomberg's "Las Rosas de Caseros."

Evita Duarte, "the actress of the moment." and Héctor Pedro Blomberg, the author of the works which have brought her the greatest success, preparing for the presentation of "Las Rosas de Caseros," the magnificent historical romance which is transmitted by Radio Prieto in its "Federal Soap" space.


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